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MUTANT SPECIMEN L - novel video trailer, Eternal Press - 1 minute 20 seconds


                        MUTANT SPECIMEN L

                           a survivalist horror novel by David Orange

A powerful grotesque lab Creature capable of medical marvels escapes though continues to share a secret, magical relationship with a small boy.


Critic Reviews of Mutant Specimen L:

"Star Trek and sci-fi fans should know: David Orange has come a long way from his Sleepy Klingon days of Star Trek VI, and this venture into "horror with a heart" is a spellbinder with the ignored science undertones of our times.  His fourth tale is part "Frankenstein," part "Devil in the Dark"—and all based on a real-world eco-crisis that is truly looming in Florida. Grab it before it grabs you."

—Larry "Dr. Trek" Nemecek, best-selling author of "The Official Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion," "Star Trek: Stellar Cartography," producer of "The Con of Wrath" documentary, and host/historian based at his Treklandblog.com 

                                                                * * * * 

Mutant Specimen L is a powerfully insightful novel into the possibilities of genetic manipulations and mutations. This fast-paced, action/adventure goes beyond mere science fiction into the realm of speculative fiction, a novel that struggles with basic ethics and causes and probabilities. It is a novel which challenges face-on, the basic question of what if? The answers are not very appetizing. Perhaps it’s an answer we really don’t want to know or accept. Perhaps we really don't want to speculate. After all, the result can be devastatingly gruesome and downright scary.

--Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford, award-winning author of To Be a Duke, reviewer for Prairie Journal and Writers Who Rock.



Web-E-Books.com    -$1.95        

A New Yorker Becomes a Heavenly Sensation as a Gifted Spirit Medium

                               This Cemetery Is Mine
by David Orange

Wonderment, 17 e-pages, Short Story
Publisher's-Shelf: $1.95

A middle-aged Brooklyn man is caught between life and death due to a rare medical condition. He experiences the parallax world of light and sounds observed from his deathly perspective; sensations unseen and unheard bythe living. Graveyard phantoms conveniently exploit him as a medium and surrogate for anxious cemetery mourners.



                                                                 MINE GAME

                                  a thriller romance novel


paperback edition: $16.99 (soon)

Whiskey Creek Press

(a subsiderary of START PUBLISHING, NYC)

ISBN # 978-1-61160-845 -8 

Celebrity Carla Cobra’s painful past resurfaces when she’s sent a play script titled Mine Game. The searing drama thinly disguises how her stepbrother, a land mine engineer in Vietnam, was killed because of an American soldier. Carla, raging over the author’s gall, prevents her family from learning about the play or of her secret relationship with her stepbrother. She searches for clues to the author’s identity, and when she encounters him, playwright Jeremy Jensen lures her to perform in the stage play, sparking anger in her younger stepbrother and his father, leading to an explosive consequence. Can anyone save this family from a secret that will not die? 


The Powder Merchant

Author of a science fiction thriller novel

also an Amazon Kindle Ebook, Barnes and Noble Nook book.

By 2030, neurotechnician scientists feel we will be able to scan ourselves--our intelligence, personalities, feelings and memories--into computers. Is Cyberspace the beginning of Eternal Life? To avoid judgment, charismatic but ruthless mastermind Alexander Volga attempts to become the "game changer" --the first to inhabit Cyberspace . . .  before a beautiful law enforcer with an attitude can stop him.


"The plot zips zips along like a Japanese express train!" John Lehman, BookReview.com

"Powder Merchant is a powerful fast paced, page-turning thriller. Watch out for the ending." Emily-Jane Hills Orford of AllBooks Review

Do yourself a favor and read this story. You will not be disappointed." Sylvia Cochran Roundtable Reviews

David Orange is a veteran actor with Broadway, film and television credits. He's also a published novelist, screenplay writer and journalist.

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